What's in between you and living with audacious, unapologetic authenticity?

If there's a conflict between who you are and establishing safety & belonging in your relationships, wh

In creating Space for Authenticity students are equipped with information and work through challenges in community, connecting with life in ways that work for you.


Couples Connecting across ADHD

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This FREE workshop explores how ADHD influences relationship dynamics. 

This isn't information for information's sake, but for greater compassion for yourself and your partner. It's useful to understand one another.

Then we'll take it a step further, using what we know about ADHD to introduce techniques for fostering greater connection - moving from being neurospicy between the ears to spicing up the relationship.

Professional Development

Empathy Beyond Belief - Inclusive, competent clinical practice with nonreligious clients

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Approximately 30% of the United States identifies as religious unaffiliated. Yet, trainings on diversity, inclusion and cultural competence largely overlook this experience. This training is for professionals seeking to break down barriers in creating a healing alliance with nonreligious patients and clients.

Hi! I'm Helen.

Why am I so-friggin'-insistent on people needing space to show up as themselves? 

Because it's not just life-altering, but world-changing. 

Concealment, the behavior of hiding parts of one's self due to not feeling safe in the environment, has a significant impact on public health. Often the fear that fuels concealment makes sense. The antidote for concealment is creating space for authenticity. 


Creating space for authenticity is a multi-leveled approach. Leaders and organizations can make a commitment to creating cultures that foster and encourage diversity, not simply of appearances but also of experiences and ideas. 

Individually, you might notice where you struggle to show up authentically and what resources or skills you need. Check out the courses at Space4Authenticity